Louisa Voice Beta Web Site Completed / by Peter Krautle

Building a technology start-up is always a challenge, particularly when you try and do it on a free cash-flow basis - i.e. money gets invested in the business as the customer base grows.  One needs to balance the important engineering and support activities associated with keeping existing customers satisfied with the ongoing demands to building sales proposals for new business, regular accounting, billing, and banking work  - all this while learning new technologies to stay innovative.

One of the items on my long bucket list is building the Louisa Voice web site - over the past month, I finally found the time to learn enough about web design tools and assemble the content that describes what the company currently does and how we approach the marketplace.

I view web sites for start-up technical businesses as organic - as the business finds new customers with unique requirements, establishes partnerships, etc -  the web site content needs to be continually  updated to reflect those changes.  Feedback from current and prospective customers and partners also drives web site changes. I wanted a way to change and manage the web site content dynamically and in a cost-effective fashion.

My younger son recommended the Square-space framework for building the web site portal, and it's one of the best pieces of advice I have received. It took me some time to get started, but now that I've completed the first draft of the content, and with some excellent support from the Square-space folks, I've been able to get this site operational. More importantly, the content is easy to  adjust without having to depend on others trying to get the perfect web design in place.

An old colleague repeatedly observed that 'every perfect engineering design takes 40 iterations to complete'. This beta site is currently undergoing review by friends and family - consider this as the first website design iteration along a wonderful journey to perfection!

Many thanks to everyone for your feedback and support.