The Importance of Network Monitoring in VoIP Networks / by Peter Krautle

The largest telecommunications cost savings for small and medium enterprises occurs when voice and data can share the same broadband connection. In the lower NY/NJ/CT region, the competition between the carriers and cable companies for customers has resulted in good quality broadband connections to small enterprises. This means that quality voice conversations and Internet services can be delivered over the same broadband connection instead of paying for additional telephone facilities that connects your office voice system to the public phone network. 

For every customer Louisa Voice deploys, we constantly monitor the broadband connection for round-trip delay times, packet losses, and overall service availability. When issues do arise, we work with the network provider on behalf of the customer to resolve - often the monitoring history helps expedite a solution to the problem.

The router(s) used for voice and data traffic are configured at the enterprise so that voice traffic leaves the network first - this ascertains that voice quality is not compromised when the broadband network connection is congested with Internet traffic.

Finally for new installations, Louisa Voice works with the customer to assess the quality of the broadband connection and works with the provider to resolve before voice services are deployed. This significantly improves the initial voice experience for new customers and avoids the issues of troubleshooting onsite after the service is cut over.

We try hard to avoid  the 'implement and pray' approach to deploying an enterprise VoIP network - that is why we monitor the broadband connections of our customers,