Session Border Controller Implemented at Louisa Voice / by Peter Krautle

We have just completed integrating a Sangoma Session Border Controller (SBC) into our Louisa Voice network to simplify our internal voice communications. The SBC terminates registered SIP trunks from our Internet Telephony Service Provider (ITSP) and routes incoming and outgoing calls between our internal SipXecs voice server and Microsoft Lync. We use the hotdesking, instant messaging, and video capabilities of Lync for collaboration. Main  incoming Louisa Voice numbers can be answered from either SipXecs or Lync side of the voice network, with the SBC managing the signaling, anchoring the bearer path, and performing the call routing between the two services.

Our SBC is a virtual appliance from Sangoma and was straight-forward to set up. When integration issues were encountered, the Sangoma technical support team answered questions in a timely fashion. 

The SBC will be positioned as one of our products  in some of the larger Louisa Voice customer opportunities.