Peter Krautle of Louisa Voice recently published an article in the Meadowlands Media magazine on knowing your costs before hosting your IT applications in the cloud – the article is here The article is part of the Tech Talk section of the magazine that is written by  Technology Committee members at the Meadowlands Regional Chamber of Commerce – Peter co-chairs the Technology Committee along with Jason Hanrahan from Contrast Logic. This year the Technology Committee undertook an initiative to produce a video with every Tech Talk article – the  accompanying video is here

Hosted VoIP solutions such as Vonage, RingCentral, and many other hosted VoIP providers are often priced on a per line or extension basis. If a small business requires 10 extensions, then multiply 10 extensions by $38 per month (Vonage published list price before discounts), then the monthly bill for hosted VoIP will be $380. If the company grows and needs 200 extensions, then the monthly hosted VoIP bill before discounts grows to $7, 600.

Connectivity to the public voice network can be procured for as low as one cent per minute when using a premise-based VoIP solution.  If a small business with 10 hosted lines uses 4,000 minutes per month, then their monthly bill for voice services to the public voice network is $40. If the company grows to 200 lines and monthly minutes expands proportionally, the total minutes for voice services to the public voice network is 80,000 per month, or $800. The savings are significant.

Louisa Voice builds premise-based VoIP solutions using open source telephony and routing technologies – many of our clients save 50 percent or more on their monthly telecom expenditures after deployment. Louisa Voice is an active member of the Waldwick, Ridgewood, and Meadowlands Regional Chambers of Commerce in New Jersey, a Bergen Volunteer Medical Initiative supporter, and participates in Rotary and Rotary Means Business initiatives. Peter Krautle is a board member of the Waldwick Chamber and co-chairs the Technology Committee at the Meadowlands Regional Chamber.