An April 9th 2019 blog described how Peter Krautle of Louisa Voice has taken up Yoga to help recover from long hours sitting in the office. A client in Franklin Lakes NJ (~5 miles away) had ordered new phones that had arrived and required integration with a voice server we are building for them. Instead of using the car, Peter attached the  trailer used on many multi-day bicycle trips to pick up the customer equipment. Sitting is indeed the new form of smoking!

Louisa Voice builds premise-based VoIP solutions using open source telephony and routing technologies – many of our clients save 50 percent or more on their monthly telecom expenditures after deployment. Louisa Voice is an active member of the Waldwick, Ridgewood, and Meadowlands Regional Chambers of Commerce in New Jersey, a Bergen Volunteer Medical Initiative supporter, and participates in Rotary and Rotary Means Business initiatives. Peter Krautle is a board member of the Waldwick Chamber and co-chairs the Technology Committee at the Meadowlands Regional Chamber.