Mortgage Company Projected Savings: VoIP Office Phone System

Telecom costs reduced from $700 per month to under 150 per month
– an 80 percent savings.

Louisa Voice is currently working with a leading New Jersey Mortgage company to cost-reduce their monthly telecommunications charge. They have 12 hosted VoIP lines and rent their phones, ethernet switch, and firewall. Their current charges for voice and Internet services averages $700 per month.

Louisa Voice is proposing an premise-based VoIP solution with integrated open source voice server and firewall on one platform. The Mortgage company will buy their own phones, ethernet switch, voice server, and pay for installation and services. Louisa Voice would manage the port of their telephone numbers to a new carrier that charges connectivity to the public voice network on a per-minute basis. The mortgage company uses  700 minutes per month for incoming and outgoing calls – their new carrier will charge under $10 per month for this amount of voice utilization for up to 25 concurrent calls.

When the new network is installed and voice numbers are ported to the new carrier, the Mortgage Company’s telecommunications expenditure (voice and Internet) will be reduced to under $150 from $700 per month, an 80 percent savings. The payback period for this network investment is 5-7 months.

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