Louisa Voice’s expertise building cost-effective next-generation voice solutions using VoIP technologies forces us to look at the broader IT infrastructure of the enterprise to ascertain our products work without issue. The end-result is that we understand core IT infrastructures really well.

Because of our deep expertise in core IT infrastructures as well as voice technologies, Louisa Voice consulting services can help guide your IT infrastructure in a variety of areas, including:

  • Virtualization and consolidation of servers – both onsite and into the cloud

  • Developing IT disaster recovery plans and data backup strategies

  • Microsoft domain controller planning and configuration

  • Skype for Business planning and configuration

  • Single server sign-on for Microsoft and Unix environments

  • Atlassian Confluence Setup for internal WIKIs

  • Open source Sipxcom voice consulting for enterprises

  • Sangoma Session Border Controller (SBC) configurations for VoIP security

  • Open source firewall consulting for enterprises

  • Layer 2 switching and layer 3 routing

  • Firewall configuration for enterprises

  • Virtual Private Network configurations and remote access

All enterprises are unique. Our strength is in working with enterprises to understand their IT requirements and propose cost-effective solutions that are best-in-class, secure, and reliable.

If you have a core IT infrastructure need or simply need some advice, reach out to us. Louisa Voice can schedule a planning session free of charge where we get to know you, your business, your IT requirements, and discuss technology options that are best suited for you.

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