On average, our clients reduce monthly telecom costs by 30-50%.

Due to Selecting the Right VoIP plan that matches monthly voice usage.

At Louisa Voice we focus on the planning, installation and support of cost-effective, next-generation business telephone systems for small and medium businesses and nonprofits. Our proven three-step process assesses your unique needs and allows us to tailor a telephone system specifically for your enterprise.


We deploy open source (no licensing) telephony from both Sipxcom and Asterisk projects depending on the client requirements. We install Polycom VVX Business Media and IP Conference phones and also work to re-use existing customer phones and data equipment where possible to save you money.


Don’t know what Sipxcom and Asterisk are and wouldn’t know one phone model from another? Don’t worry – we do. That is why our clients partner with us for all their business telephone system needs.


Planning Your VoIP Systems


We meet with you to review your existing voice and data network, capture telecommunications costs and understand your business requirements. All this information is captured in a document and reviewed with you before we move on to Network Design.


Based on our assessment, we build a network architecture, or phone system, for you. Your current architecture,  future architecture, and the migration steps from one to the other are captured in a workbook and reviewed with you so there are no surprises during implementation.


We order, configure and test all equipment in our offices using the workbook specifications before installing your new telephone system onsite. This improves the voice quality and customer satisfaction experience.


System Services


Your new telephone system can now be accessed securely from your smartphone using a softphone application and an Open Virtual Private Network connection. Outgoing calls from your smartphone can be placed through your office system, which avoids sharing your cell phone number with others.


Do you have a legacy PBX that still works well but you would like to reduce your telecommunications expenditures? We can work with you on configuring Adtran and Patton gateways that convert TDM circuits to more cost-effective SIP trunking solutions. Don’t worry – we’ll explain.


We offer remote monitoring and support packages that can be customized to meet your unique needs.

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