Solutions for Next-Generation Voice

Here are the products that we use to build our systems. Depending on the equipment you have in-house we may be able to utilize some of your current equipment to build a customized system for you.


Phones are often the largest capital investment in a voice solution for small and medium enterprises.  Louisa Voice works primarily with Polycom which offers a variety of phones at various price points, conference phones, and cordless phones. Phones from other manufacturers such as Yealink and Linksys can also be configured into the solution.


The Counterpath Bria softclients are recommended by Louisa Voice and are supported on Windows and Apple computer as well as smartphones that use the IOS (Apple) and Android operating systems. We also work with open source soft clients such as Linphone upon request.


Louisa Voice uses an open source router firewall in the majority of its deployments. Besides rich firewall capability, firewall also performs network address translation, Virtual Private Network, quality of service for voice, DHCP for local area network devices, support for multiple LAN and WAN interfaces, and high availability capability. There is also an OpenVPN server built into the firewall which allows secure remote access to the voice server using a smart phone.


Analog to SIP gateways are often used for applications such as connecting legacy faxes or cordless phones to open source telephony servers and helps preserve existing customer investments in TDM telephony equipment. T1 to SIP Gateways are used to connect legacy T1 lines to a voice server or to connect SIP trunks to legacy PBXs for cost reduction purposes. Louisa Voice uses gateways from Adtran, Patton, Audiocodes, and Linksys.

Ethernet Switches

Louisa Voice can work with customer Ethernet Switches that support 802.1Q VLAN tagging. Using switches with Power over Ethernet capability avoids powering phones with AC adapters. When deploying new networks, Louisa Voice uses Ethernet switches from Netgear.

Open Source Telephony Software

The majority of Louisa Voice deployments use open source telephony software from eZuce called Sipxcom. Sipxcom is deployed as a standalone server as well as a virtual appliance at customer locations. Louisa Voice is an active contributor to the Sipxcom user forums and Wiki pages. For telephony applications with complex call forwarding and callerid manipulation, Louisa Voice also uses Asterisk.

Session Border Controllers (SBC)

Sipxcom and Asterisk have built-in basic SBC capability that allows the telephony servers to connect to Internet Telephony Service Providers via SIP trunks. For more advanced capabilities, Louisa Voice uses SBC products from Sangoma.

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